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Rory Hoy is the multi-award winning music producer, DJ, author and film-maker. He has seen praise from fellow artists including Fatboy Slim, who has played out his tracks. He has produced 7 critically acclaimed albums, had two successful books published, and is constantly working on new music, and DJ-ing in the UK.

Countertop Hero is the big-beatist and professional procrastinator. He likes breakbeats, vinyl, and
synthesizers. Dislikes convention, clichés and stagnation. He uses big words to seem smart and cool.

Remedy Kincaid is a hip hop artist and also part of the band called "WhoIAre". Although he raps, he also sings, plays keyboard and trumpet. Not only is he photographer, videographer, video editing, producer and an engineer, he looks to paint Van Gogh paintings within the mind with words.
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