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Quincy Jointz from Freiburg is one of the leading German producers and DJs of NuFunk.

He combines 70s Funk feelings with Hip Hop flavors with today’s sounds.

He is known worldwide for his music, remixes and the successful „Lime Sorbet compilations“.

As he was searching for newcomer producers for the „Lime Sorbet compilation vol. 5“,

and made contact with Thorsten Walter (based near Stuttgart).

Finally, they met for the first time in person during the summer of 2015

at a DJ-gig at the legendary “Waldsee-Club” in Freiburg and decided to work on a new music project together.

They were searching for a singer for one of the jazzy, discoid House-tunes.

Quincy worked up courage to ask one of his favorite singers to cooperate: Ashley Slater.

Everybody knows his 90s hit “Turn on, tune in, cop out” from his band Freak Power

(together w. Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim).

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